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No More Junk For This Trunk!

Junk Food is NOT Food....It is Junk! Marketing can be a powerful tool. How so? Well, just think about it. Because of marketing, the masses can be fooled into believing things are good for you that are really not, setting the stage for pharmaceutical companies to come in. This is how the processed/ junk food… Continue reading No More Junk For This Trunk!

cooking, family, habits, healthy eating, healthy living, lifestyle, weight loss, yoga

The Skinny

Yoga for Weight Loss People practice yoga for many 'mind and body' health changing solutions. Some people practice yoga to help them achieve mental clarity and improve their ability to concentrate. Others prefer to practice yoga simply because they want to exercise. If your reason for doing yoga is to lose weight, you have to… Continue reading The Skinny


Aging And The “Middle Age Spread “

The phrase ‘middle-age spread’, by its own definition, is considered synonymous with aging. Unfortunately, for too many it has become an accepted part of life and growing older. It is as if we believe it is normal or inevitable, rather than a dangerous sign of poor lifestyle choices. Distinguishing Subcutaneous Fat from Visceral Fat Abdominal… Continue reading Aging And The “Middle Age Spread “