“learning to embrace the journey is helpful too…reignited my yoga practice this morning after a summer dedicated to caregiving…sipping freshly brewed ginger turmeric mate tea to be followed by a power-packed smoothie…and the weather is certainly suggesting a good long walk later in the day…so happy to appreciate healthy choices…for those who don’t…TALK TO ELLE…it  could be life-changing…”

– Roberta Duncan
New York

“Before meeting Elle, I had no idea all the health benefits many foods hold. I feel so much better and I am making healthier choices knowing how these foods are helping my body. It’s a great feeling!! Thank you Elle!!”

– Kellie 
Corinna, ME

“I have known Elle for many years now and have witnessed first-hand how her work with Integrative Nutrition has not only helped the people she has worked with, but herself. In learning that we have access to many nutritious natural remedies and solutions that can aid us with the most complex of problems to the simplest of issues.

Through this, Elle has embraced this positive lifestyle and it shows in her dedication to her craft and especially her own well being. If you are on the fence or having trouble making  a worthwhile lifestyle change for the better – then you need to speak with Elle.”

Brunswick, ME

“Elle has been very supportive of my crazy life changes and dealing with them in a positive way.  She only has positive things to say and when I fall off the proverbial wagon she is right there to pick me back up and push me back in the right direction.  Her food suggestions have been fantastic as I have been able to maintain my weight instead of gaining weight.  Though I ideally would love to drop around 50lbs.  One thing at a time.  When I told her I had found a new job she replied with Yahooooo, way to go!!  Then her next statement was, “time to save and move into an apartment somewhere close to work.” She is fantastic!  My saving Grace so to speak.”

 Washington, DC 

“I’m so glad I found you on the Internet, you have really helped me a great deal. I have tried several other programs, I could not get my weight down. Your program worked great for me! I wish I had met you months ago, instead of throwing $1,000’s away on programs that didn’t work.”

Springfield, MA